geologic time

the house rumbles

it’s 1 AM

we wake, the baby cries

we know these dark morning hours, light sleepers now

waking for a crying baby, an ancient responsibility

but this morning something older wakes us

and reminds us that the earth is moving below us

the epicenter is beneath the bay

a bay that sustained the Lummi

then cradled logging barges and fishing vessels

the Lummi and the loggers cared for crying babies

felt the earth shift too

but they didn’t know blue screens

#bellingham #earthquake

other people felt it too, he tells me

i’ve never felt an earthquake, he says

the baby is asleep again

but the earthquake is part of her story now

she lives by the ocean where the plates of the earth move deep below us

in geologic time, nothing that happens on the blue screens matters

in geologic time, if we round down, the buffalo still cover the plains

and the Lummi still paddle across the bay


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