Also, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Here is a fun article by Amy Walker titled Does Cycling Make you a Better Lover? that was published in Momentum Magazine in 2009.  I stumbled upon it a few months ago and really liked it.

In a 1999 article for Bicycling magazine, author Joe Kita claimed “cycling has the power not only to make you more desirable to the opposite sex, but also to increase your level of sexual satisfaction, and even your lovemaking ability.” Citing greater blood circulation, heightened sex drive, lower stress, extra endurance, stronger thrusting muscles, more endorphins, and greater confidence, Kita made the case that cycling is conducive to making whoopie. In addition to these stimulating observations, we’ve noticed that riding a bicycle has other, less carnal, and equally love-affirming qualities.

Some say love is the opposite, not of hate, but of fear. By conquering fear in our everyday lives, we invite love. Learning to balance and ride on two wheels is an exhilarating experience, partly because falling is frightening. When we first accomplish this marvel, a tiny voice inside us exclaims: “I am riding, not falling! I am flying, not falling!” Simple acts like pedaling up a big hill, across town, through nasty weather, or balancing with a week’s groceries loaded on the bike are the daily conquest of tiny fears. As fear falls away there is more room for joy.

For love to have longevity, it must be a practical part of the daily rhythm of life. In his book entitled We author Robert A. Johnson describes “stirring-the-oatmeal” love as: “a relatedness which brings love down to earth. It represents a willingness to share ordinary human life, to find meaning in the simple, unromantic tasks: earning a living, living within a budget, putting out the garbage, feeding the baby in the middle of the night.” Likewise, daily pedal-stroking lends us the endurance to take in stride all the small occasions of the day that make life – and love – real, and not a distant fantasy. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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