Vinter i København


More fur and lots of exposure. I'm still honing my Cycle Chic photography skills.

Mr. Copenhagenize, Mikael Colville-Anderson, out on the town. Mikael on why the CPH cycling infrastructure is so exportable: "When you squint, Copenhagen looks a lot like a North American city." So true.

Mikael's daughter, Lulu, helping out at the office.


Biking into the wind.

Then up one of the only "hills" in Copenhagen.

...and cresting the hill. Amazing father-daughter teamwork.

Mail man.

About an hour north of Copenhagen at the Louisiana Art Museum on cliffs overlooking the North Sea.

The mighty North Sea.


Bikin' in the 'burbs.

The largest anarchist commune in the world is in the middle of Copenhagen. No cars are allowed.

Christiania is a self-governing society.

They have their own garbage collection system and maintain all their infrastructure without the support of the Danish government.

The houses in Christiania are very artistic and do not conform to any sort of building code.

The roads in Christiania are not paved.

Copenhagen feels more orderly and organized than ever after a visit to Christiania.


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