Greetings from Beverley

You know that feeling you get right before you fall asleep after being on a boat all day? You’re relaxed, maybe even drifting into a dream, and then you feel the rocking of the boat even though you’re lying perfectly still in bed. It’s happened to me after a day of surfing too. It isn’t an unpleasant sensation, at least for me, just a reminder that I spent the day being tossed around by the wind and the waves. Last night I had that sensation as I was falling asleep, but my brain was replaying the swaying motion I felt all day on my bike from leaning into the powerful wind that came close to knocking me over more than once. It was the strongest wind I’ve ever biked in.  Fortunately, the wind was at my back for several sections of the ride, but for a few hours it was hitting me at a diagonal angle. I’d hear the gust coming and, to my left, I’d see the trees begin to shake and the tall grasses bend and quiver. Then, seconds later, the gust would hit me and I’d lean into it and bike as hard as I could, trying to maintain my forward momentum rather than letting the wind push me to the right. These surges would last between ten and fifteen seconds and then they’d suddenly disappear. I’d still be leaning my weight—sometimes all of my weight—the left, but there wouldn’t be a wall of wind to lean into anymore. I’d quickly try to re-balance, but often I’d veer to the left first.

I began talking to the wind by the end of the day.

I’ve made it to the small town of Beverly. The ride from London has been challenging, largely because of the persistent winds resulting from Hurricane Katia, but also because the cycle paths are incomplete and not always marked well.  More stories soon, but for now just some pictures from my last few days in London and the first days of my ride to Edinburgh.

Work Cycles cargo bikes to deliver veggies in London.

Stanford's. One of the oldest map shops in the world where British explorers prepared for their travels. I brought my bike maps here.

A London "bike highway.

Reflective vest and cowboy boots. Cycle chic or not? Can't decide.

London Chinatown

Remember to cycle on the left!


Cambridge farmer's market. Olives!




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