Riding High

Quick update. Had an absolutely amazing ride yesterday. If you don’t mind hills (or mountains), Switzerland is really is fabulous for touring. The signage for cyclists is very comprehensive, even in small towns, and I haven’t spent much time worried about navigation.

I did a lot of climbing yesterday and went over a small pass. I was out of the saddle and working very hard for a lot of the day. Cars (and tractors) driving by gave me friendly honks and thumbs-up out the window as I was going over the first part of the pass. The cycle route eventually turned off the main road and I was alone for the last 20 km of the pass. I fought my way up—sweating, panting, and going so slow I thought I would tip over at points. Finally I got to the top and the Swiss Alps were waiting for me. The view was stunning and energized me. The ride down the pass was really fun and definitely cooled me off; I had a smile on my face the whole way down. Switzerland is the first place I’ve seen coniferous trees since I got to Europe and the smell of pine on a warm day made me so happy. I rode until about 10 pm last night and when I couldn’t see the route markers anymore I realized that I had to call it a day. I found a great little hotel in a cozy Swiss village named Triengen and slept well.

All these arrows are for different cycle routes that traverse Switzerland.

On the cycle route.

Resting and enjoying the view.

Salty olives are my favorite when I'm riding. Also, check out my shorts tan!


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